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News Highlights

Press Release - Cecil Co. Hazardous Waste Day - Sunday, April 26th
Press Release - 2015 Volunteer Recognition Nomination Form
Press Release - Cecil County Watershed Stewards Academy Pilot Program: Installs Water Conservation Practice; Plans Rain Garden
Press Release - Requesting Nominations for Exceptional Volunteers
Press Conference - Presentation of FY 2016 Budget
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Recent Public Notices

Public Notice - Bill No. 2015-03 Budget Amendment - Capital Budget - Board of Education
Public Notice - A public hearing will be held by the County Council of Cecil County on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the ELKTON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM, 110 James Street, Elkton, MD on the following: Bill No. 2015-05 Discount - Property Tax Payment - July; Bill No. 2015-06 Fees- Transfer of Interest in Land; Bill No. 2015-07 Disposal Fees - Central Landfill; Bill No. 2015-08 Rental Tax - Manufactured Home Parks; Bill No. 2015-09 Capital Improvement Program FY2016-2020; Bill No. 2015-10 Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance - FY 2016; Res. No. 21-2015 Fees – Inmate Weekend Housing - Work Release - Detention Center; Res. No. 22-2015 Fees – Community Service, Cecil County Detention Center; Res. No. 23-2015 Fees – Inmate Housing - Gainfully Employed - Detention Center; Res. No. 24-2015 License Fees – Amusement Machines, Jukeboxes, or Mechanical Devices; Res. No 25-2015 Fees – Mosquito Control; Res. No. 26-2015 Permit Fees – Road Utility Permit; Res. No. 27-2015 Adoption of Property Tax Rate
Public Hearing Notice - Bill No. 2015-04 Amendment - Zoning Code - Floodplain District; Resolution No. 18-2015 - Roads - Renaming - Eugene's Way
Public Notice - Council enacts: Bill No. 2015-02 Budget Transfer - Capital Budget - Highlands Interceptor Sewer Project; Resolution No. 12-2015 Budget Amendment - Midyear Adjustment; Resolution No. 13-2015 Appointment—Cecil County Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Advisory Committee - Eric Buehl and Robert Dvorak; Resolution No. 14-2015 Approval - Annexation - Town of Chesapeake City - Boat Yard Road - Zoning Designation; Resolution No. 15-2015 Appointments—Adult Public Guardianship Review Board - Trish Dana, Robert Churnside, Linda Willis and Nicole Meekins
Public Hearing Notice - Bill No. 2015-03
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